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Nincompoop Armchair Reformers

Do you, schmucks, not make a budget at home? How many of you think of the needy in your neighbourhood and tell yourselves and your families to hold off on a month’s WiFi or Cable connection and use that money to pay for someone’s monthly food? Continue reading

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Welcoming 2018

Read a post of a friend pointing at the same-old-same-old peace and love wishes ad nauseam spreading across the social media…agreed to a degree…despite this world crushing every positivity and loss of much of humanity, hope of a new dawn does … Continue reading

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Of Charity and Criticism…

“the penalizing of ability for being ability, the penalizing of success for being success, and the sacrifice of productive genius to the demands of envious mediocrity.”

― Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal Continue reading

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So Vegetarians Are Hitlers? Really?!

I have so many quotes from so many influential people. Most of them are not Indians, and some are very important names in history and literature. Now does that win me the argument against your image? Just think about it. Think before you pick-up cudgels against a thought. Do not do it for the hate of a man or a group. Continue reading

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Mind Freeze – Power of Audio-visual Medium

Stop trending…stop flowing with stream…but do not stand apart just to be different…conforming could be good too…it should be an educated decision, always, to avoid the mind freeze. Continue reading

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Social Media and the Deluge of Information

One misconstrued statement and the news channels will start shouting, “outrage!” Social networks will start buzzing with the denouncements, and the event will take the proportions of national crisis. Continue reading

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