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Hello to all the readers and fellow bloggers. I am Sarika Nanda and I welcome you to my blog. I am based out of the national capital of India. I am new to blogging and to writing. My posts are my contemplations on varied topics. I hope to publish something of interest for most of my readers. Hoping to follow the rule of brevity without compromising on the essence of the thought, I will try to write without hurting any sentiments and sensibilities. My writings are my own, and any thoughts picked from another source will carry the source information or acknowledgement. I sincerely hope to see more and more followers and support in the coming days. Happy Reading. Sarika Nanda

Diwali 2020

दिवाली की ज्योतिर्मय आपको सदा उज्जवल रखे। यह जगमगाती हुई स्वर्णिम किरण आपको और आपके प्रियों को कंचन करे और कृष्णा कृपा दृष्टि आप को निर्मल करे। May the starry brilliance of Diwali lights keep you radiant. May the lit … Continue reading

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The Comfort Wall – Some Loose Bricks…

“But that night in her dream she flew high above the earth in a moonless sky. Behind her, like a falling star, sailed a silver sled.” ― Chris Kurtz Ya. Sad. When all from the old order pass on, only the … Continue reading

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COVID – 19: Lockdown and the need of the hour

I know people are hoarding as they are scared…this way essentials would reach only 1/4th of the population…also, save rations…don’t waste food…don’t make it a house party by cooking multiple dishes for each meal…stick to one dish…let this be an … Continue reading

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Flashback – 30 Years…

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” …                 ― Kahlil Gibran It was a good day. There were doubts in the mind of a 20-something girl on August 11, 1989. There was still more … Continue reading

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Flashback – Of Grandmothers and Adieus….

Whenever there is a mention of grandparents, there is mostly a reverence attached to it. Along with the reverence, are the reminiscences of warmth, various fragrances, heaps of wisdom, and unbridled laughter. Grandmothers are special, what with their cooking and knitting, and loving care. My maternal and paternal grandmothers find mention in many other articles on my blog. Continue reading

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Nincompoop Armchair Reformers

Do you, schmucks, not make a budget at home? How many of you think of the needy in your neighbourhood and tell yourselves and your families to hold off on a month’s WiFi or Cable connection and use that money to pay for someone’s monthly food? Continue reading

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Welcoming 2018

Read a post of a friend pointing at the same-old-same-old peace and love wishes ad nauseam spreading across the social media…agreed to a degree…despite this world crushing every positivity and loss of much of humanity, hope of a new dawn does … Continue reading

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Flashback – Of Books and Sharing with Papa…

I vaguely remember watching ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’, a BBC production. It was sometime in the senior school that I got hold of my brother’s Thomas Hardy and read the book. I loved ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’ and there was a contest on which was my favourite. Continue reading

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Flashback – Of Orderlies, Uniform Ironing and Shoe Shining…

I am always fascinated by the discipline of the armed forces and the elaborate customs like the rank distinction, formal dressing, dining, partying, and numerous other social traditions, that distinguish the ‘fauji’ families from the civilian population they protect. Continue reading

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Flashback – Of Ironing and Shoe Shining…

Flashback – Of Ironing and Shoe Shining…

My family carried some formal and colonial fetish about meals and clothing. Continue reading

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