Coursemates – Friends for Life

How essential is it for people serving in the armed forces to form a bond with each other? More often than not, it is a matter of life and death. The best time when strong bonds are formed are during training, resulting in some of the best preserved friendships and brotherhood between coursemates.

Unfortunately, most famous dictionaries do not recognise this as a single word and hence, cannot fathom the sentiment that goes into this friendship. I have known my husband to swear by these friends, taking the pains to explain their importance in his life, of them being even closer than the family, who would give their lives for each other without asking. Much before our marriage, the magnitude of this relationship with the coursemates and their families was instilled in me. Even before actually knowing them I knew them and they became an integral part of my life, important family that would be there always, no matter what. The connection was instantaneous, and any of them I met for the first time thereafter, were already an old acquaintance. I knew almost everything about them, such was my love’s debriefing, that they were already a part of life. Honestly, it was the other way round and I was happy that I belonged in their world.

He had this world of his, with set ideas about friendships, socialising, belonging, and I took to it like fish to water. He was the major factor in my life where I actually saw the world and matured into a person that I liked better than what I was before him.

Those same coursemates are mine now, embracing me as if I was him. I enjoy the company of the families, but it is those officers that make me become him. I like this connection selfishly, and completely forget that I am not a coursemate, but a wife. Those few hours in a few months or even years get me that connection with him, and that life that is left so far behind, that I greedily savour those moments time and again.

I have been truly endowed and many of these gifts are his. These lifelong friends are one such great gift that he has left me and I am so utterly thankful for my stars. I love to belong here. Thank you for being around and accepting me as your own in the last nineteen years, even without him, especially without him.

||Sarvam Sri Krishna Arpanamastu||

About sarikananda

Hello to all the readers and fellow bloggers. I am Sarika Nanda and I welcome you to my blog. I am based out of the national capital of India. I am new to blogging and to writing. My posts are my contemplations on varied topics. I hope to publish something of interest for most of my readers. Hoping to follow the rule of brevity without compromising on the essence of the thought, I will try to write without hurting any sentiments and sensibilities. My writings are my own, and any thoughts picked from another source will carry the source information or acknowledgement. I sincerely hope to see more and more followers and support in the coming days. Happy Reading. Sarika Nanda
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