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Informal or Social Learning and xAPI

Formal learning accounts for only 10% of all learning – a fact. Informal and incidental learning contributes to 80-90% of learning – another fact. However, formal and informal learning, together, form a learning continuum, which could be interspersed with each other. Continue reading

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Hire and Fire

A company would hire from outside instead of promoting from within if they think that the current skill gap is huge between the existing pool and the desired role. Continue reading

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My grandmother, my father’s mother, would follow both, English and Hindi telecasts. She could understand the full intent in the English News without understanding the language. Continue reading

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Blame it on him!

Unfortunately, we are still struggling to develop despite all the potential. The rampant corruption and the lackadaisical attitude of past governments have rubbed off so much on the citizens that this burden is harder to off-load. Continue reading

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Mischiefs of the Yellow Journalism

Find stories. If you cannot find the stories or do not prefer the ones making news, invent some. Yellow journalism sells. Continue reading

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Social Media and the Deluge of Information

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Not too long ago, major chunks of habitation in urban India, and the big metros like Delhi, lived in the old neighbourhoods and communities.  Generations of different families were born and brought up in the same…

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Age Inappropriate

Originally posted on sarikanandacerebrate:
So, a colleague’s birthday last week and in my wishes, I asked him to not waste his life doing laundry, and instead, get a life and a girlfriend.  My other colleague from the previous discussion, ‘Mind…

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My Choice

We can argue to death the equality metrics. Look around, and observe that a small section of people may be talking about human spirits and baulking at any feminist statements. Yet, a major section of our society is still struggling with the right of a girl foetus to not be killed in the womb. Continue reading

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