Lines of Division

Here I was, reading a Facebook post and the ensuing discussions on a friend’s page, and the questions started hitting me.  What does it take to belong?  Is it birth, location, an alliance, allegiance, immigration etc.?  Though I refused to agree to generalise, it set me thinking.

Is a sense of belonging dependent upon your ethnicity?  If yes then, what about all the emigrants to other nations?  Is it dependent on the country and their general mind-set?  If we compare India’s insensitivity in the mainland towards the inhabitants of the Northeast and the South of India then, should we not talk of incidents of extreme racism in the US and Australia against Indians?  India and Indians take pride in being neutral and law-abiding people when migrating to other countries.  Considering this information, should not we be least susceptible to any kind of racism and racist attacks?  Still, we have been subjected to both in the aforementioned countries.  Having said that, let me point out that, we may not be as conscious of our civic duties and may even be insensitive in our own land.

My fellow citizens from the Northeast of India are far happier, more accepting, and probably better adjusted to western land and cultures.  India does not give them that sense of security, as it should.  These are some of the glaring drawbacks of all nations built on diversity.  The question is that does the so-called natives of these great nations, like India, the US, Australia, and a few others, realise that they might not actually be the natives.  People, who feel that their rights on their land, education, benefits, freedom etc. are being encroached upon and trespassed by the new immigrants, do so because of the failure of the government to make them feel safe.  However, the land does not belong only to a select few.  The borders and the lines of control are imaginary lines drawn with a bigger purpose than they are serving now.  The world has been reduced to just the power struggle.  The spirit of ‘live and let live’ is non-existent.  We are no longer God’s souls, but have become the garb that we have taken on.  We are no longer in control.  Our out-rightly sensitive nature, ego, anger, angst, cast, colour, creed, culture, ethnicity, religion, family name, nation, and all the other divisive forces control us.  We are no longer individuals, but cattle, belonging to and identifying with one group or other.

I have a friend who told me a couple of decades ago that he has removed his family name from his name on purpose.  He belongs to a Brahmin class of the south.  His reason was simple.  “I don’t want to belong to any class or social setup basis my last name.  I much rather build my own identity.”  And so he did.  Today, when I am writing this article, the purport of his statement makes more sense to me than it did earlier.  The day we stop trying to belong, we become independent.

How can I not bring in the spiritual aspect into my thoughts?  So, here goes.  People, who believe that there is a soul in all individuals, I hope, realise that soul is separate from the material being.  A soul has neither gender, nor caste, colour, ethnicity, religion, also, none of the things of the material existence.  I may be a female in this lifetime, but that is not my soul’s gender and next birth may see me as a male or past lifetimes have been that of a male.  People, who know this, and are still wasting their time and energies believing the material truth of this existence to be the only truth, please wake up.  Stop wasting your time conforming to immaterial things of this material existence.  If you really wish to belong, then try to belong to Him – the eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, Super Soul, Super Consciousness.  People, who believe in here and now, and do not believe in a future other than today, what difference does it make to belong at all?  When life is limited to here and now for you, then why waste it on fighting for your race or religion?  Spend it on bettering the only existence you will ever get.  And, the last group that feels that fighting for your group will lead you to a life in heaven, think again!  Go back to your teachers, your scriptures, your doctrines, and re-assess you path to heaven.  You may be paving the path to personal hell unwittingly, and some people might be using you for their personal fights.

The moment we start being individuals, conforming to self, pledging our allegiance to good thoughts and acts, lines of divisions will dissipate, the countries will cease to exist, and the harmony might reign. (I say ‘might’ because, though overtly optimistic, I am being realistic.  I know for a fact that humans will find causes to fight, however inconsequential.)

||Sarvam Sri Krishna Arpanamastu||

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Hello to all the readers and fellow bloggers. I am Sarika Nanda and I welcome you to my blog. I am based out of the national capital of India. I am new to blogging and to writing. My posts are my contemplations on varied topics. I hope to publish something of interest for most of my readers. Hoping to follow the rule of brevity without compromising on the essence of the thought, I will try to write without hurting any sentiments and sensibilities. My writings are my own, and any thoughts picked from another source will carry the source information or acknowledgement. I sincerely hope to see more and more followers and support in the coming days. Happy Reading. Sarika Nanda
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