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Social Media and the Deluge of Information

One misconstrued statement and the news channels will start shouting, “outrage!” Social networks will start buzzing with the denouncements, and the event will take the proportions of national crisis. Continue reading

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Twenty-five years, or a quarter of a century, could be a substantial part of one’s adult life. It could be a lifetime spent with someone of importance. Continue reading

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Employee Engagement – Essentials

More often, a set attitude is woven into a corporate’s fabric and a change of mindset would require changing the entire workforce. This is impractical and open to many risks. Continue reading

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Flyer, Pamphlet, Brochure, Whitepaper, Case Study, and Presentation

At times, sales and sales support may demand custom-made material for their pitches, presentations, and/or campaigns. However, there could be a mismatch between expectations and reality. Continue reading

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A Trip to the Mughal Gardens

The entry is well managed. We jumped with joy to know that we can carry our mobiles and wallets with us. As soon as you pass the first post, there are arrangements for drinking water. It was a sunny day yesterday, and we were parched, so we had our fill. The walk inside is without hurdles. There were many visitors. The best part is the freedom to click as many pictures as we want. Continue reading

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Lines of Division

The world has been reduced to just the power struggle. The spirit of ‘live and let live’ is non-existent. We are no longer God’s souls, but have become the garb that we have taken on. We are no longer in control. Our out-rightly sensitive nature, ego, anger, angst, cast, colour, creed, culture, ethnicity, religion, family name, nation, and all the other divisive forces control us. We are no longer individuals, but cattle, belonging to and identifying with one group or other. Continue reading

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Are We Regressing Back to a Dated Imagery?

I would much rather watch #KaranJohar brand of movies of rich, affluent, and happy, soaked in family love. At least, here is some life to aspire for! Continue reading

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