So You Think You Are The Saviour.

How do I begin to express my grief at the News from around the world?  I am a person of faith and I would be miffed too if someone ridiculed my faith.  Will I go to extreme of picking up a weapon and killing?  Never.  My faith specifically warns against hurting others, leave alone murdering.  Even though, my Lord Krishna advised Arjun to wage a war for ‘dharma’ or ‘righteousness’.

So many wars have been waged to bring erring individuals on track.  Some were fought in the parts of the world where people were living without faith, without the love of God, without propriety.  However, these were battled under the able guidance of an Avatar or a Messenger of God.  During these times, a fear of God was also instilled in the people.  When only love of God is not enough to guide the flawed, fear of Him furthers the cause.  Just as an all-loving parent uses a stick along with a carrot with their children for their own safety and welfare, similarly, fear of God becomes essential for humankind, who is always ready to destroy self and the entire humanity, if not directed.  But only God Himself or His Messengers can essentially guide.  Those were the times when people were being made aware of His presence, when a contact had to be made and a message had to be delivered.  After receiving the message, people were expected to follow the preaching and improve self.  Humans were and still are expected to make themselves as pristine as possible, by their right conduct, in order to attain Him.  His encompassing love is all around us, and His compassion can be seen in the air we breathe and the lives we live.  However, to achieve Him and become a part of His Kingdom, we need to love Him and devote ourselves to Him.

Now comes the set of questions.  If you think of yourself as the defender of your faith, then please mull over these.  Are you as knowledgeable and as powerful as your Avatar or your Messenger?  Did you receive a special message to save His honour?  Do you think that Almighty Supreme Lord is defenceless?  Do you have not enough faith in Him that if He needs to defend Himself, He will descend on this earth or send His trusted and faithful Messenger to do the deed?  Your only job was to devote your waking hours in the love of God.  That was the reason He took so much pain for you and addressed you.  He did fight a just battle.  But, that was to establish rules, laws, to bring awareness of Him, and of your duties towards Him, and to create a world order for the uninitiated.  His Messenger may have chided the non-believers by giving them a name.  However, those were meant for the non-believers at the time, people belonging to no faith whatsoever, to help them follow the righteous path.  Have you ever considered that you might have misconstrued the message, especially in the existing circumstances?

If you are a believer but have doubts or queries about your faith, then do your research.  Find a knowledgeable, spiritual person and address your doubts.  Do your research.  Understand the meaning of the traditions and the reason for their inclusion in the religious doctrines.  Find out if they were related to certain prevalent conditions at the time.  Ask yourself if they still hold good or should these be changed for better, in accordance with the current times?  However, do not lampoon your own identity and your faith in public.  Most traditions have a sound basis, but may be corrupted with time, losing their original objective.  It could be due to lack of correct translation or interpretation.  If you have played the game of Chinese whisper, you would know that the real message and the right intent gets lost with time through people involved.  If It is then that these customs should be revisited.  But none of it warrants mockery or disdain of your faith inherited at birth.

For those who have doubts and queries about others’ faith, do your research.  And, if you cannot find the satisfactory answers, then hold your peace.  You have no right at all to question or mock their faith.  You are not anyone’s saviour, teacher, guide, or brought into this world to save the world.  This goes out especially for people connected with media, mass communication, including moviemakers.  Keep religion out of it.

To the faithful and to those who do not believe, please leave each other alone.  Stop going for each other’s throat.  No one has put you here to be anyone’s rescuer but your own.  Mind your own soul and leave others to their own devices.  For God’s sake and for the sake of humankind, stop killing in His name.  He is the Saviour.  You cannot be so arrogant to think that you are Saviour’s saviour.  You need to be saved from yourselves, from your naïve thinking that there is a war outside which is more dangerous than the one inside.  Know your real purpose in life.  It cannot be killing others.  It has to be to love everyone and to spending your lives for the love of God.

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||Sarvam Sri Krishna Arpanamastu||

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  2. sarikananda says:

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    Another sad day. This time Paris under siege. Another atrocious action. We are wasting our lives on wars, whatever the kind. I believe, this is the definition of ‘Kalyug’. There is only one identity for all. We are souls in material body with the prime ‘karma’ or intent to realise Him, attain Him, and His Paramanand. Does it matter if the world is realising Him or not, whichever form you may think to be right? If you really want to be the saviour, then save people from poverty, wrongdoings, intolerance for everyone – similar or different, illiteracy, opportunism, lethargy, predation…otherwise, just stop this war. Your afterlife will be not pleasant with these deeds. The day we start saving our individual souls by doing the right thing – starting with ‘ahimsa’ in thought, words, and actions – the entire world will be saved. Stop being the world’s saviour. You are not. In doing so, you are being labelled ‘terrorists’. Our gurus have said that do not perform any such deeds that discredit the name of your ‘dharma’ and your ‘gotra’. So stop discrediting your kind, your religion. Some wars result only in annihilation, of one and all. Reiterating the same by reblogging my earlier post.


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