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A Guru, a Guide, the Intent

The importance of a spiritual master, a guru, cannot be undermined. In this age of self-paced study and eLearning, know that even regular concepts of science, mathematics, and social skills elude the learners without a guide. A spiritual path is all the more difficult without an appropriate master. Even after reading all the scriptures of the world and reading the interpretations by the philosophers who spent a lifetime in discerning the truth, there is no guarantee that any or all of it will make any sense without a teacher. Continue reading

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Holographic Universe and the Hindu Philosophy

Effectually, the Hindu Vedas state that the soul has the data comprising the collective consciousness, and the past life imprints, which when in contact with the material body comes to life acquiring the material nature (gunas – Satvik, Rajas, Tamas) of goodness, passion, or ignorance. The soul when not embodied stays in a tamas form (darkness) like in a black hole. Continue reading

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So You Think You Are The Saviour.

If you are a believer but have doubts or queries about your faith, then do your research. Find a knowledgeable, spiritual person and address your doubts. Do your research. Understand the meaning of the traditions and the reason for their inclusion in the religious doctrines. Continue reading

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My Spiritual Side Two

Did God, in all His manifestations and through His prophets, not warn humans against ego, attachment, and hurting fellow beings? God has professed war against personal sins, personal attachments, lust, anger, and desires. Fight for ‘dharma’ means ‘righteousness’ and not ‘religion’. Continue reading

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