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Ring in the new year with hope

Thank you family and friends for making 2014 a great year. Few more days to go before the final adieu to this year. Hope that 2015 holds better days, more promises, precious moments, loads of love, and great zeal to perform better. Continue reading

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Does the time stand still for some?

Time does stand still, at times. Life may seem to be moving on. Yet, a part of you cannot move past. There are always new memories, new events, and proudest moments; however, there is a feeling of living an extension of the life left behind. Continue reading

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Is Gay World the Answer?

So how would it work? A toad and snake fight is not fair unless, toad has equal amount of poison and sharp teeth. People from Mars and Venus cannot compete because that would not be a fair duel. Continue reading

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Victor Hugo – Hunchback vs. Misérables

Victor Hugo has been one of my favourite authors ever since I read his Les Misérables a couple of decades ago.  I remember the twists and the turns in his tale, and my gasps and biting of the nails with … Continue reading

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Exodus and the Famous Epic

Watching Christian Bale is always a pleasure.  Who would want to miss a cocktail of hot with the epic?  Most epics look great on big screen.  They are always spectacular and leave you breathless.  However, there is always a thin … Continue reading

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A movie, a Cultural Marker – True?!

‘Dilwale dulhania le jayenge’ completed 1000 weeks at a Mumbai theatre.  There was an article by a journalist giving his reasons for why he did not like the movie.  His contention – the movie was a cultural marker, shifting the … Continue reading

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Parenting – Some Deliberations

Writers are expected to keep a notepad and a pen handy at all times.  A thought, an inspiration, or an opportunity may strike like a bolt of lightning at any time, and if not contained, can be lost as easily.  … Continue reading

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