My First Page

I have been mulling over the idea of writing my blog for a while now. Nothing special, just some random thoughts, as and when, they pop up in my mind. There have been instances when I have tried starting a serious chain of discussions on popular social networking sites, but to no avail. Reason being that the decorum of those websites demands ‘likes’ for each post with not much thought involved. The funny and the graphic gets more attention from general public and the intelligentsia in a circle of friends remains busy elsewhere making their respective marks in the cerebral world. Everything on social networking gets a ‘like’, appreciable or not, read or not.

Moving on… I started writing my biography eons ago but the hard drive was fried and the content with it. That was not an era of blogs (a couple of decades ago), and if there were any, they were not as popular. The world, in general, was discovering the world of World Wide Web and wondering at its amazing potential. I keep thinking that my life’s episodes until about 2005 will make for a good screenplay for a movie or a good script of a book. A little element from the annals of Munshi Premchand’s would make it into a great tragedy and a Shakespearean or Victor Hugo touch will convert it into a good drama.

Life did not stop happening for me post 2005. It remained in its element. However, the expectation is the additions of a little imagination to this cauldron of brewing broth by the author, in their inimitable style. Will I be that author? Will I like that screenplay or book to be completely autobiographical? Will I prefer the director to be completely honest to the original? These questions will be best answered when the time comes.

For now, there is not book, no screenplay, no story, only some random thoughts. This first post is more of an experiment with a lot of jibber-jabber by me and around me, with a couple of colleagues scoffing at the funny pictures of new associates on the Intranet and still others busy chattering away on calls. So what is my blog going to be about? Should I write about learning technologies and instructional design? Would this be an appropriate forum for voicing my views about the social and political hot topics? Would I rather talk about my spirituality and the world at large? One thing is clear. These are going to be my own testaments, for me, whether worth a thought or not by any other. I will get into more focussed writing with ‘paradigm’ descriptions and ‘motivational’ lore and technical stuff with each passing day (=post). For now, all posts are going into publishing…. Until we meet again…

||Sarvam Sri Krishna Arpanamastu||

About sarikananda

Hello to all the readers and fellow bloggers. I am Sarika Nanda and I welcome you to my blog. I am based out of the national capital of India. I am new to blogging and to writing. My posts are my contemplations on varied topics. I hope to publish something of interest for most of my readers. Hoping to follow the rule of brevity without compromising on the essence of the thought, I will try to write without hurting any sentiments and sensibilities. My writings are my own, and any thoughts picked from another source will carry the source information or acknowledgement. I sincerely hope to see more and more followers and support in the coming days. Happy Reading. Sarika Nanda
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1 Response to My First Page

  1. Ajith says:

    Great start Sarika. Didnt realise that you had such lucid sytle of written expression. Look forward to more of your musings!!!!!!!!!!


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